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Passion Dreams Productions is one of best Delhi based production house of CEO K.S Rathore.
As 10+2 ended K.S Rathore pursued engineering while he was 19, but life had some other vocation made for him. He often lived on his own world of creativity, fantasizing things.
A man of ingenious ideas. Within a short period of time he realized that engineering is not meant for him, his obsession lies in Creative Cinematography.
All of the creative ideas, but no platform to utilize it. Finally time came for him to relinquish engineering. Then no more stopping him, this one step altered everything.
Earliest, he started giving pictures to his ideas through short videos and he uploaded them to Youtube.
After little aptness in his ideas he made up his mind to make his own channel in youtube, and got stuck in giving appropriate name to his channel.
All he wanted was some suitable name for his channel, it took him moment coming up to the idea but finally brilliant name struck his mind.
He realized that every person is born with a passion and dreams to see it come alive. So why not use the word “Passion Dreams”.
But it’s not unproblematic to make videos alone, he needed a team. So he gathered every person with inventive ideas whether he expresses his ideas through writing, or through photography, or through cinematography. So a team of creative persons were form known as passion dreams productions.
Time came when he needed to cross the threshold of the professional world. Entering into the vast world of creativeness, he started his work as a video editor and graphic designer. He used to edit videos shot by someone else.
But in a petite epoch of time he realized that all the videos that he edited was gone astray by something. He could find the so called creative he seeks in the videos.
So he started shooting the videos himself. Slowly and gradually his production house became official. In a short period of 2 years his clients increased.

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His work is very admirable, and he knows how to keep his clients happy, because he believes in client approval.
Passion dreams productions is known for the deliverance of outstanding work on time.
K.S Rathore always admires imaginative people and often says “If you wanna be the best then beleive that you are the best and do your work like the best and one day you will me best.”